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Lawn and Garden Center WiFi

mobile pos over wifiWireless POS Systems

Together with our partners at SBI Nursery Software, WiFiFee helps lawn and garden centers achieve wireless coverage for handheld POS access anywhere on their property. SBI Nursery Software is a complete business solution for wholesale growers, garden center retailers and landscape distribution centers. SBI offers wireless sales & handheld inventory control and also integrates with many other different types of software.

WiFiFee can help you:

  • Plan and implement a wireless system for your lawn/garden center
  • Troubleshoot existing networks to improve coverage and reliability
  • Expand existing coverage

Contact WiFiFee today to find out how we can help you grow your business with handheld POS systems from SBI Nursery Software.
Some of our lawn/garden customers:

our lawn and garden customers

Our lawn/garden POS partner:

SBI: Our wireless POS software partner