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Marina WiFi

marina wifiWi-Fi access where others can't...

With marina Wi-Fi access in 4 states, WiFiFee can help you provide high-speed Wi-Fi access where others can't. We offer a flexible billing and authentication system that can be tailored to offer free access, pay as you go, or premium high-bandwidth access at your marina.

  • Can install single access point solutions or total Wi-Fi coverage of your marina
  • Offers flexible access and billing systems for free-use or premium high-bandwidth pay-as-you-go services
  • Provides personalized 24x7x365 support along with proactive monitoring so we know there's a problem before your customers do
  • Secures your guest network from your internal network
  • Protects you legally with required Terms of Use agreements
  • Allows you to install wireless security cameras where wires couldn't reach before
  • No capital financing options are available!

Contact WiFiFee today to find out how we can help you provide high-speed Wi-Fi Internet access at your marina.
Download our Brochure on Marina WiFi