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Metro WiFi

municipal wifiWireless Metro Networks

"Imagine how much stronger economically a community could be if it establishes a reputation as a place that thinks creatively with technology."
- Scott Shamp, Director of the New Media Institute, University of Georgia

Looking for a public metro Wi-Fi network or secondary Internet backhauls for emergency response? WiFiFee can help. We've got extensive experience building and managing self-healing mesh networks that provide both public access and backup and emergency Internet for local police and fire first responders.


  • Can build multi-use public and private metro networks
  • Enables your municipality to install security cameras where wires can't reach
  • Helps you differentiate your high-tech community from the next
  • Fully secured and scalable designs

Contact WiFiFee today to find out how we can help your municipality.
Download our PDF Brochure on Metro WiFi over Mesh