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WiFiFee Solutions

Chances are, if you have a wireless need, we've solved it already. WiFiFee provides a full range of professional wireless solutions to the industries we serve:

Wi-Fi InstallationInstallation & Hardware

WiFiFee can lead or coordinate complex network installations at new and existing construction that include both wireless and wired infrastructure like fiber, CAT3/5/6e and more.
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Wi-Fi Billing and Backoffice ServicesBilling and Back Office Services

WiFiFee offers a complete billing platform customized to meet your user's needs. From hourly, weekly, monthly, and even free metered access; our flexible billing system can provide you detailed end-user reports, monthly revenue checks, and more.
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Wi-Fi ConsultingConsulting

Do you have a complex wireless problem you need solved but you're not looking for a new full-time service provider? We are experts at creating unique solutions to solve that complex problem.

Backup SoftwareOnline Backup

Don't risk losing all your data! Backup your system today with First Backup. Free trial and special price for WiFiFee customers! Click here!

Mobile InternetMobile Internet

Want to provide high-speed Internet access in your bus, train, limo, or even aqua-duck? WiFiFee can provide temporary or permanent access almost anywhere.
Wi-Fi Support24x7x365 Support

We can provide our customers with personalized 24x7x365 phone support, on-site visits and maintenance, and emergency response.
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Wi-Fi Video SurveillanceWireless Video Surveillance

WiFiFee can help you install wireless cameras in places where wires are hard to reach. Increase security and lower your insurance costs today.
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SNMP MonitoringReal-Time Monitoring

WiFiFee proactively monitors your wired and wireless network in real time so we know about problems before your customers even know about it.
More about our Wi-Fi Support

Want to offer free Internet access to your customers without any of the hassles? WiFiFree can customize a program that will increase traffic, strengthen your brand, and build customer loyalty. Our free hotspot solution gives you the ability to deliver highly targeted promotions, generate advertising revenue, and build sophisticated customer profiles.
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Backup InternetInternet "Insurance"

Need emergency backup Internet when all else fails? Contact WiFiFee; we can provide temporary emergency HSIA or permanent wireless backup Internet for critical needs.

Contact us today to find out how we can customize our solutions to fit your needs.