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WiFi Billing and Backoffice Solutions

WiFi PaymentPowerful and Flexible

WiFiFee has the powerful backoffice tools you need to offer pay-as-you-go Wi-Fi, free Wi-Fi, coupon/code access, and more.

Authentication and Access Control
Authentication of users is controlled by a hardware access gateway located on-site in conjunction with WiFiFee's RADIUS servers located at our NOC. This gateway blocks all traffic from unknown users except to our system. When an unknown user launches a web browser, they are immediately redirected by the access gateway to a secured landing page where they are prompted for a username/password that is authenticated via RADIUS against our user database.

Login Landing Page
When an unknown user tries to access WiFi Login Portal Screenshot a webpage, our system automatically directs them to your property's landing page where they log in and agree to your "Terms of Use" - a legal method to protect you from the liability of providing public Internet. This customized webpage promotes your property and your Wi-Fi amenity.

Billing, Accounting, and Reporting
WiFiFee's powerful billing and accounting software provides flexible billing, accounting, reporting, and service plan options. We can bill customers direct or invoice the property, and our Authorize.net payment gateway supports the convenience of credit card payments from all major card brands. Our software also enables us to create unique plans and service options for different types of usage: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, coupons, etc.

WiFiFee's powerful customer support ticketing engine allows our support team to track all support issues by customer and location from first contact all the way to resolution. Your staff can also view open and closed tickets.

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Download our PDF Brochure on WiFi Billing and Backoffice Services