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WiFi Installation and Harware

Cat 5e, 6, Fiber WiFi InstallationInstallation, Cabling, Fiber Optics, and more...

WiFiFee has installed both simple and complex wired and wireless networks in hundreds of unique locations and environments. We can design robust and scalable networks in both existing and new construction and provide you with the equipment you need.

Installation Services:

  • Internal cabling for data, voice, and video
  • Fiber optic cable trenching
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Wireless Point-2-Point and Multipoint
  • Networking and Security
  • Wired and wireless video surveillance

WiFiFee engineers each one of our locations to meet the needs of each individual customer while also dealing with the uniqueness of their property. We use only enterprise-class technology from our preferred vendors.

Contact WiFiFee today to find out how we can help you install your solution today.
Download our PDF Brochure on WiFi Installation and Hardware

Some of our preferred vendors:

Strix Systems, ValuePoint Networks, Cisco, Nomadix, Motorola, Colubris Networks, ZyXEL