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Wireless Video Surveillance

wireless surveillanceWireless Video Surveillance and Recording from WiFiFee

Get peace of mind today and watch over what's most important to you! WiFiFee can create custom solutions to meet every need, from complex indoor/outdoor installations to simple self-installation programs for your home or business.

  • Plans that fit every budget and meet every need.
  • Perfect for hidden or covert surveillance - indoors or outside, you get crisp and clear video - wirelessly!
  • Records to off-site servers - get the video evidence you need! Motion-activated recording means that only the action gets captured - no long hours of boring tape to sift through.
  • Great for monitoring children, pets, and second homes. Keep an eye on your swimming pool, playground, entrances, and driveway, from anywhere.
  • Enjoy lower insurance costs for your business with video surveillance!

IVR (Internet Video Recorder)
Internet Video Recorder was developed to meet the tough, demanding standards of today's video centric society, while remaining extremely user friendly. The software is easy to navigate, control, and locate archived (recorded) video. There is no complicated software to install and manage. All you need is a web browser and high speed internet connection. Click here for a demo of IVR's software. The username is "demo" and the password is "demo."

IVR Features and Benefits:

  • User friendly interface and software
  • Multiple Security Levels
  • Multiple resolution levels to view live streaming video and recorded video
  • Text message can be sent to your cell phone notifying you of a detected motion event
  • E-mail messages can be sent and can include a video snapshot
  • View live video on your handheld PDA (MS Pocket PC required)
  • Multiple display modes of cameras
  • All recorded video is time and date stamped
  • Access live and archived video 24/7/365
  • Easily locate archived video via the on-line calendar
  • Create unlimited number of camera groups
  • Control Pan, Tilt & Zoom cameras

Flexible Installation
Chances are you already have the foundation (router and high speed Internet connection) for a security system in place. All you'll need is the camera(s) and our great software! Since cameras are available in traditional hard wired and WiFi models, installations can be made with little intrusion. Wi-Fi cameras provide an enhanced level of flexibility, because you can move them (example: during the winter months, you may want to watch a driveway, but in summer, you want to watch a swimming pool).

For locations with eight or more cameras, we can provide on-site servers that record your camera feeds locally (but still allow you to view them remotely), reducing bandwidth usage.

Contact WiFiFee today to find out how we can help you install a wired or wireless security camera solution today.
Download our PDF Brochure on Wireless Video Surveillance

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